Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stop Bullying Me Ann Taylor Loft!

I've had enough of your teasing.  So much so, infact, that I have recently embarked on a 3 month no clothes shopping adventure.  Week 1, no problem.  Week 2 would be much easier if you stopped telling me how not cute I am, and how cute I could be, especially at the new low sale price!  I've decided that you are no longer welcome in my inbox, and have instructed the boyfriend to toss your weekly taunts in the garbage before I can be hurt by them. 

Part of this shopping free new me stems from my recent bout of honesty.  I've finally tallied my debt, and the unbelievably frightening totals are as follows:

Personal loan - $1500 at 0% interest - to be paid in full by Christmas!
Private student loan - $8500 at 4.25% interest - payments begin in December, oh Joy!
Auto loan - $7,467 at 4.75% interest - to be paid in full by 2013!
Consolidated student loans - $108,296. at 7.75% interest - oh shit.

for a grand total of: $125,763 before interest!  That brings my net worth (including retirment) to approximately $-120, 263.

So you see, Ann Taylor Loft, I can put up with you no more.  Don't bother to call, or e-mail, or write.  I'm done with your nonsense.

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